Mr. Stewart Hope DOMP

Osteopathy is becoming more recognized for how effective it can be for multiple health conditions including pains & aches and symptoms that tend to linger or plateau. Headaches, neck/shoulder pains, knee and other issues that never seem to fully recover, many times have origins nowhere near where you feel them. This makes it very complimentary to many other health modalities with a unique ability to explore these health patterns.

Osteopathy is medical knowledge combined with excellent palpation skills and techniques to find and fix multiple health conditions. Some other examples treated are migraines, circulation issues, rib dysfunctions, respiratory, digestive, urinary issues, non-HVLA skeletal adjustments, tightening loose ligaments, chronic illness and more.

New patients are welcome. A normal pattern of treatments usually compose of a treatment every 2 – 3 weeks for about three or four sessions then after that for many clients, we space out treatments every 1 – 3 months for chronic issues and longer for those who just need “tune-ups”.



Osteopathy at Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre