Dr. Hamid Gilani MD

Dr. Hamid Gilani

Dr Hamid Gilani is a Guelph based Family Physician since 1987

He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1980. After completing a one year rotating internship at Victoria Hospital in London he returned to Northern Ontario where he grew up, and practiced rural medicine in Elliot Lake for six years.

He currently does a full scope Family Practice. He has courtesy privileges at Guelph General Hospital and the Homewood Health Center. He has active privileges and is a core physician at St. Josephs Health Center. He is the house doctor at College Place Retirement Home. He continues to do house calls for elderly, disabled and palliative patients.

When Dr Gilani is not working he is probably enjoying time with his family and grandchildren or walking the many trails around the Speed River. He is also an active member of the Guelph Y. since 1987.

Dr Gilani is a big proponent of an initiative called Choosing Wisely Canada. The essence of this initiative is that excessive testing and investigations does not equate to better clinical outcomes.

Hospital Privileges: Guelph General Hospital (Guelph) / Homewood Health Centre (Guelph) / St Joseph’s Health Centre (Guelph)

Family Physician at Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre