Due to the new location of our medical centre, there are no direct city bus routes. You will need to do a bit of walking in addition to taking the bus. We do have a Guelph Transit mobility bus stop right in front of the medical centre near the main entrance.

From Guelph Central Station: 

Take Route # 2A (West Loop) from Guelph Central Station in downtown Guelph to the corner of Stone Road and Edinburgh Road. Then walk one block North on Edinburgh Road to Chancellors Way (past Fionn MacCools Pub). Then turn right on to Chancellors Way, walking two minutes to 175 on your right.

Take route # 8 (Stone Road Mall) from Guelph Central Station in downtown Guelph. You will need to exit at College and Edinburgh and then walk about 5 minutes South on Edinburgh (toward Stone Road). You will then turn left onto Chancellors Way (just before reaching Stone Road Mall) and walk about 2 minutes to 175 Chancellors Way.

From University Centre: 

Take Route # 15 (University College) and get off at the stop on Stone Road (just West of Chancellors Way in front of Canadian Tire), then walk about 5 minutes North on Chancellors Way to address 175. You can also access Chancellors Way from the Edinburgh stop that is just North of Stone Road on Edinburgh.