Midtown Walk-In Clinic

hours of operation (check google for updated hours)
MON-FRI 9AM-4:30PM (closed for lunch hour) @ Suite 202

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Last patient registration is 11:30am before lunch and 4:30pm in the afternoon.  We are now open Sundays from 9am until noon! 

Midtown Urgent Care is now close for the summer and will re-open in September

Patients that already have a family physician in Guelph are currently eligible to attend the Midtown Walk-In clinic on weekends only. Please book an appointment with your own family physician during the week.

The clinic reserves the right to triage more severe cases, which could affect your wait time.

Please note that we are talking all precautions and ensuring our clinics safe for you to visit. 

If you have a cough with a fever, please do not attend our facility. We are happy to treat you for all other conditions. 

If you are concerned about your health, you should call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.  

Centrally Located Medical Walk-In Clinic

The clinic is staffed with experienced doctors and nurses that are here to provide the residents of Guelph, Wellington County and the University of Guelph community with urgent, non-emergency, medical care. Many of our physicians have prior experience working in hospital emergency departments.

Although we can serve the public as a medical walk-in clinic, we have the capacity to treat more complex medical conditions that a standard walk-in clinic generally cannot treat. These medical conditions can be considered ‘urgent’ (such as injuries that require stitches), but not emergencies. Consults for procedures such as biopsies, joint injections, and wart removal are available and will be referred to the appropriate provider or  may be addressed through our on-site procedures clinic. We also have a unique ability to direct care to our partners that can provide in-house emergency dental services and on-call chiropractic or physiotherapy consults. We have access to on-site diagnostic ultrasound for obstetrical and gynecological investigation.

An on-site pharmacy is available to enable our clinical staff to deliver the best quality care possible for your non-emergency medical condition. Timely referral to several other on-site allied health services (such as dietetics and social work) can be facilitated through the urgent care clinic.

When you attend our clinic, friendly staff will greet you and will strive to attend to your medical needs within one hour of registration. In times of very high patient volume, we may need to close registration an hour before the clinic officially closes.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please go directly to the emergency department of your local hospital

  • extreme difficulty breathing or severe abdominal (stomach) pain;
  • chest pains and believe you may be having a heart attack;
  • severe allergic reaction and feel your throat closing;
  • severe, uncontrolled bleeding
  • severe emotional distress and/or hallucinations.

New Option available for patients at Midtown Walk-In Clinic

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Parking is validated with any filled prescription at the on-site pharmacy.

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