Skin Cancer Screening Clinic

The Skin Cancer Screening Clinic @ CWMAC

Chancellors Way Medical Arts Centre operates a state-of -the-art skin cancer screening clinic.

Using a computerized mole mapping system, Dr. MacPhee MD MSc PhD and his highly trained nurses are able to screen your entire skin surface for skin cancer by identifying each mole on your body and track any changes over time. The entire process takes only a few minutes of your busy day and can help save your life. The scans are completely pain-free and safe, as no radiation is used and no injections are required. We will even show you any photos taken if you wish to see them.

After your body scan, any suspicious lesions can be biopsied and sent for pathological examination. If you have developed a cancer, we facilitate a referral to the appropriate surgeon and/or oncologist without the need for you to go to your family physician.

The cost of screening is not covered by OHIP, but is income tax deductible. The fee for this service is $175.00 for an initial scan and $150.00 for any follow-up scans. However, patients are advised to bring their OHIP cards to the appointment in case a biopsy is required (which is covered by OHIP). Insurance coverage (or health spending accounts) may cover the cost, depending on your plan.

We also have an on-site plastic surgeon that will perform any required surgical procedures (covered by OHIP). In our system, typical wait time from  diagnosis to surgery is less than 6 weeks, as compared to 4-6 months on average.

If you spend time in the sun and have or have a history of skin cancer in your family. This technology is a must for you.